What is a Construction Contract?

A construction contract should be agreed upon by you and your licensed contractor. It will contain all details of the new build or remodel of the property, including prices, finish and start date, work details, permit arrangements, and more. Construction contracts should be set in writing and contain a detailed description of the products and services that will be used. All details in the construction contract should be clear to both parties. Consulting a legal professional is often advisable when entering into a construction contract. 

Why Do You Need a Construction Contract?

Construction contracts ensure all obligations made from one party to another are met and a plan is set forth to clarify how both parties’ needs and goals will be met. Construction contracts make it clear how risks will be divided on the project. Without proper contracts, disagreements or misunderstandings could turn into costly lawsuits or unsatisfied parties. Construction contracts will make each party’s rights and duties clear to ensure the project will run smoothly and efficiently without going over the agreed-upon budget and time frame. 

Construction Contract With Thessa Contracting Solutions LLC

If you’re looking for a construction contract near you in Ann Arbor, MI, Detroit, MI, Warren, MI, or the surrounding areas, Thessa Contracting Solutions LLC can help you. Our builders have managed construction projects for over 25 years and have the expertise to help you with your commercial remodel or fresh build. Our goal is always to create satisfied customers through the perfect execution of commercial projects. We can handle any size commercial project with the level of perfection that you’re looking for. To learn more about our construction contracts or other services, contact us online, or call us at (586) 212-0286 today.

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