Construction Contract in Ann Arbor, MI

A construction contract in Ann Arbor, MI is used to divide the risks of the project and clarify the responsibilities of both parties. It is necessary for parties that are working together and making significant financial transactions to have a contract. This ensures neither party will go back on their word or have a misunderstanding about any of their responsibilities. It’s also a way for both companies to negotiate and come to an agreement that will benefit both parties. 

What is Included in a Construction Contract?

Construction contracts will include various things that are agreed upon by the project owner and the licensed contractor. They will include things such as important dates and deadlines, the parties involved, the services that will be provided, the price of the services, and how risks will be divided by both parties. Construction contracts will make expectations of the work clear for the client and the amount of payment that will be received clear to the contractor. 

How Does a Construction Contract Work?

Construction contracts are agreed-upon terms and conditions between the contractor and the project owner. Construction contracts are complex and involve many different aspects of the project. A successful contract is a step towards a successful project, since construction contracts are often deeper than they seem, both parties could benefit from having a lawyer or a skilled negotiator so everyone can get what they want out of the contract and project. 

Construction Contract With Thessa Contracting Solutions

If you need a construction contract in Ann Arbor, MI, Thessa Contracting Solutions, LLC has licensed and trustworthy contractors whose sole aim is creating satisfied customers and developing long-term relationships. Our full-service construction company can handle any job and is up-to-date on the latest building and remodeling trends. Our builders have been providing the highest level of service to customers in Ann Arbor, MI for over 25 years. We specialize in ground-up construction and renovations for Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional properties. To learn more about our services, contact us online or by phone at (586) 212-0286.

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